Our typical 'Brow Sculpt' service takes between 30-60mins & will consist of: 




 What are Billion Dollar Brows®?

​Billion Dollar Brows originated in Los Angeles where Co-Founders Natalie and Bob Plain developed a product to help restore thin, ​over tweezed brows – Brow Boost! Helping customers all over the globe achieve healthier, fuller brows. They then developed a line of cosmetics dedicated exclusively to maintaining the perfect brow.

About Brow Boost:

Brow Boost is now 3 times more powerful than when first developed. The vitamin and protein enriched conditioner works to help condition your brows for a fuller, and healthier appearance. By applying Brow Boost to your brow line nightly most customers begin to see results within 30 days of use. This lab tested and fragrance-free formula is EU complaint and contains Pelvetia Canaliculata, a form of seaweed rich in antioxidants.

Shaping - Your billion dollar brows

Have you heard the saying "the eyes are the windows of the soul and the brows are the frame"?  We truly believe the eye area is so important, it really captures the story of who we are. The eyebrows adds symmetry and balance to the face. As a Brow Ambassador with Billion Dollar Brows, we use great technique and products to make you fall in love with your brows. 

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Reflections of Beauty

1. Consultation: questions will be asked such as, are you happy with your current shape, past experiences, if you had a shape in mind, etc.

2. It may also 90% of the time include a brow colour (tint) not to darken up the hair but to give the brow hair some warmth/life - think of it the same way as if you were to get a colour put through your hair - it makes it shiny and fresh looking! It will also pick up any fine blonde hair that we all have and give your sculptor more to work with. 

3. Hair removal: this can be with hot wax, strip wax, tweezing etc. there is no right or wrong way as long as you are really happy with the result when you leave - that's all that really matters.

4. Finishing off with a product: too often treatments stop just before this stage because the tint on your skin will give the illusion that it is filled in and fuller. But after a couple of face washes it will disappear and you can somewhat lose the shape. THATS why it's so important to know how to fill your brows in after that tint wears off - tint on skin is not a long term solution - Your sculptor may select a product to finish your brows off depending on what type of look you want from natural to dramatic.

5. Education: Now your sculptor may share with you the best product/method to use when you are filling in in between monthly visits! You are after all a walking advertisement for them!